1996 London Clubguide

The idea for an online clubguide was concieved for owner Chris Hampartsoumian’s university final year project during the summer of 1995. Chris spent the later part of that year planning the project and spent the spring of 1996 shooting photographs and video in a selection of London clubs. Chris H recall’s: “I remember sitting down with my friend Emma Henry and she recommended a selection of the best club nights running in London at the time and gave me contact details for most of them too.” The original line up of clubs went something like:


  • Pinch at The Gardening Club


  • Space at Bar Rumba


  • Ultimate BASE at Velvet Underground
  • Logical Progression at Ministry of Sound


  • Absolute at The New Collesium
  • Voyager at The Complex
  • Eurobeat 2000 at Club UK


  • Subterrain at The End
  • Rulin at Ministry of Sound
  • The Heavnly Social at Turnmills


  • Full Circle